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He Chose Titans

Erwin swore he would never again be distracted from his fight against the titans, but when an unexpected bond begins to form with Levi, he must decide whether he will follow his heart or his head. Semi-canon prequel & retelling.

· Hardcover — Part I · II · III · IV
· Softcover — Part I · II · III · IV
· Free PDF — Part I · II · III · IV
· AO3 — link

In These Fallen Leaves

[Post-Basement canon-divergent AU] Ten years after the end of the war, Levi, still heartbroken over Erwin’s death, is living out a quiet existence with a few Survey Corps survivors. But signs are beginning to surface that Erwin is not truly dead, and they’re getting too vivid to ignore …

· Hardcover — Book I · Book II
· Softcover — Book I · Book II
· Free PDF — Book I · Book II
· AO3 — link

Chemistry Read

Actor Levi Fielding is eager to be taken seriously after years of being cast as the teen heartthrob. What better opportunity than a role as his namesake—Captain Levi Ackerman—in a historical miniseries?

· Softcover — link
· Free PDF — link
· AO3 — link

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